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How does the PillManager work? 
The consumer downloads the app on his device. He enters the name, dosage and frequency of the medication that he wants to manage using the application. He will get constant alerts when it is time to take the medication. Using My Health Space functionality on the App, he is also able to keep track of his vital health records such as Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Allergies, INR and BMI readings etc. When he is ready to send a prescription request to the Pharmacy, or Surgery, he simply sends a copy of his Repeat slip/Prescription or a list of Medication required to the Pharmacy or the Surgery of their choice directly from within the Application. On the Pharmacy computer, if the PatientManager software is installed, the Pharmacy Manager will get an instant notification with details about the incoming prescription
Why cannot I order my medication when I upgrade my iPhone to iOS 8 
Since Apple released the new version of iOS 8 software for the iPhone, we have had to re-design one of the ordering features inside PillManager. This has been done and the new version of PillManager ( with a new user interface) is now available from the Appstore.
Is my personal information secure and safe? 
Customers who choose to use the App in a client only mode have no personal data shared with anybody except their Pharmacy or Surgery. For customers, who may choose to connect their App with Pharmacies registered with us, prescription request data is stored on our secure cloud based servers.  At no time, any personally identifiable data about any of your customers is shared with anybody except their Pharmacist or Doctor. Even on the server, the data is encrypted such that it is not compromised by anybody with access to the server. Furthermore, to ensure that this data is fully protected, while it is on our servers, Healthnet Ltd. is registered as a Data Controller to  ensure compliance with the Data Privacy Act 1998 (DPA). More details about the DPA can be found at
Can somebody access the patient's data if they get hold of his Smartphone? 
No. The PillManager app is itself password protected in addition to the password protection for the Phone.  Thus there are two levels of security available.
Will my data be passed to any other marketing company? 
We do not share any patient personal or prescription request data with any marketing company
How much does the App cost? 
Currently, we do not charge any fees to download the Application from App Store or Google Play
What is the cost to the Pharmacist to be part of this system? 

There are no fees to register and use this service for any UK/Ireland based Pharmacies. Please contact us if you are a non UK based Pharmacy for pricing. You can register with us at

Do pharmacists have to use a phone to manage this app or can they get the repeat requests from patients phones sent to an email inbox? 
No, the Pharmacist does not have to use a phone to access the repeat requests. The Pharmacist, if he chooses, may install the PatientManager non-intrusive software on his computer to accept incoming prescription requests and send out FREE progress notification messages.
Can I download the app on a PC? 
Yes, Your customer may also connect to you by using the new PC version now available at
Can you download the App and manage your Parents or Grandparents medicine needs? 
Yes, as long as that person has the permission from the patient to do so. In the email request to the Pharmacist, it will indicate that the request has been sent by somebody on behalf of the patient.
Can you have multiple patients on one account? E.g. wife and husband? 
Not on the same phone. However, PillManager app can be downloaded on multiple phones from the AppStore or Google Play for free. Please check with Apple iTunes and Google play for further information regarding this.
Can you change or modify repeat requests on the app? for example pack sizes or items? 
Yes. When the patient sends a request, he can also send additional instructions (e.g. "Please change quantity of Medication A to 100" for example) within the email that is sent to the Pharmacist.
Is the app exactly the same on Android, iPhone and the PC? and do they interact ok? 
It is the same app that is available for both the iPhone and the Android phones. The same app will interact with the Pharmacy in the same manner. Apps do not interact with each other. On the PC, the App is slightly different in that there are no reminder alerts possible and neither will you receive any notifications, but you will still receive email messages about the status of your prescription requests. Other than that, the PC version will communicate with the PatientManager in the same manner.
Do I need internet access all the time to use the app on my phone? 
No, the only time you need internet access is when you want to transmit the prescription request to the Pharmacy. When you are using the reminder system, you do not need any internet access.