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PillManager Launch Announcement

New PillManager App Introduces Unparalleled Connectivity between Consumer and Pharmacy

The new PillManager mobile app allows consumers to not only track their own medication schedules, but also to interact directly with their doctor or pharmacist for repeat prescriptions. Available on both Apple and Android devices, the app revolutionises medication management through the integration of essential benefits for both consumers and medical professionals.

The app takes one of the most popular elements of mobile medication management; dosage notifications, and expands on it to provide users with a comprehensive handheld prescription tracking facility. They can submit a repeat request for any prescription directly to their pharmacist or doctor from within the app.


This functionality builds strong relationships between the medical professional and consumer, ensuring the longevity of both the commercial and personal associations through familiarity and trust. Direct communication ensures accuracy, while also removing the need for the completion and recording of letters of consent. The electronic nature of correspondence means that both parties can benefit from a full audit trail on all orders.


One of the most outstanding effects of the app is on compliance. Recent studies suggest that wasted medications cost the industry over £300 million per year, where repeat prescriptions are ordered without being needed and build up in patients’ homes. The app serves to eliminate many of these issues through both the reminder functionality and the automatic transmission of a letter of consent alongside every re-order. The app also maintains a full history of medications taken by the user. These records can, like re-orders, be sent to a medical professional from within the app, allowing the user or another nominated individual to monitor consumption and prescription requirements.

The PillManager app is available now from the iTunes store and Google Play. Further information can be found at