When your customers enter this Pharmacy Code in their PillManager application (whether it is on their mobile phone or their PC), the Application will then inherit these new features immediately:

1. Your Pharmacy logo will appear on all the main pages of the application. It is like having your Pharmacy branded version of the Application. ( You must upload your Pharmacy Logo for this to happen)

2.  Customer will only see your Pharmacy or Pharmacies listed when trying to select a Pharmacy to send the prescription order to

3. Customer do not have to remember your email address. It will automatically send the request to your  Pharmacy branch's email account or directly to the PatientManager Desktop client in your branch

4. You are also able to push an ad on your customers application. This will appear at the bottom of most of the pages that the customer sees ( You must upload an ad image under My Adverts section under My Account for more details, for this to take effect)