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The PillManager app is compact and user-friendly, but packs in essential functionality for medication tracking,  Medicine reordering, Recording Your Blood Pressure and taking advantage of critical Pharmacy Services at your favorite Pharmacy Branch in a secure environment.

Core Features

·         Pharmacy Services – The user can search through the database of critical health related services offered by his selected Pharmacy, that also includes a brief description of each service.

·         My Meds – The user can manually add their own medication within the app, including name, number of doses, reminder times, frequency and the number of days to take the medication. The PillManager app also provides audible and visual alerts based on the settings assigned to each type of medication. Users can preview their medication schedule for the day on the ‘Reminders’ tab within this feature. Reminders can also be set to remind them when to re-order their medication.

·         Pharmacy Offers – The Pharmacy can push special offers to the user's PillManager App from within the PatientManager software on his computer. These offers are immediately displayed for a set period of time as defined by the Pharmacy.

·         Reorder Medication – Users have two options for reordering their regular medication. By selecting the standard reorder option, the user is able to select one or more of their stored medications before adding a required quantity and emailing it to their doctor or pharmacist. Alternatively, the user can utilise their device’s camera to take a picture of the medication or prescription and again transmit it to their specified medical professional. Meanwhile, the Pharmacist can, using the PatientManager software from PillManager on his computer, instantly see incoming prescription requests from his customers and also send instant text alerts as to the status of the prescription whether the prescription is completed or in progress etc. These instant messages are free of charge to both parties.

·         Health Space – The PillManager App provides the users a comprehensive list of functions that enable them to record and save their critical health related records such as their BP readings, or BG readings etc. These records can be emailed to their Doctor or the Pharmacist or their Carer if necessary. A list of these functions is described below. Note: The PillManager App does not transmit any of the user's critical & personal medical information to any 3rd parties outside the app unless expressly requested by the user. All such data is only stored on the phone when the user is using the PillManager App on the mobile device.

   >          Blood Pressure Recording – Users can record their blood pressure readings taken at any time. Readings can then be stored and emailed to anybody for reference, e.g. a Doctor or a Carer.

   >          Blood Sugar Recording – Users can now record their blood sugar readings taken at various times during the day. Readings can be listed either in mg/dl or mmol/l formats. The system will also warn users if their readings are outside the critical limits. Limits are set manually by the user based on advice from their doctor. The readings can then be stored and emailed to anybody for reference, e.g. a Doctor or a Carer.

   >          BMI Records – BMI ia a measure of the human body shape based on an individual's mass and height. Once you record your weight and height measurements using a suitable device, the app will work out your BMI number and also be able to tell you whether the BMI is within limits for your age and gender or if it is outside the limits. A history of the BMI readings is available in a tabular or a graphical format as well.

   >          INR Records – INR is a test used to measure how long it takes for your blood to clot. In this App you can record your INR readings and the dose of medication taken ( e.g. Warfarin). Results from tests taken at the clinic or from self-testing can entered and then compared with your INR target range.

   >          Vaccination Records & Reminders– Using this feature of PillManager, you are able to keep a record of all the vaccinations you have taken. After recording the vaccinations, you may also set reminders of when you should be taking that vaccination again. A history of your vaccinations is also available for your records or to be sent in an email to your doctor or your carer.

   >          Emergency Info Lock Screen data– One of the most important feature of PillManager where you can identify all your critical records which will then be used to display an emergency Lock Screen on your Phone. This Lock Screen is the first screen Emergency Responders will see should they need any medical information about you that is critical to your immediate care, without having to go into the App. You can choose what information you wish to display on that screen using data from the Health Space features.

   >          Other Key Features inside My Health Space– Other features include a log of all your medications you are taking, in case you need to send that information to your doctor, Your Allergy section where you can keep track of all your allergies, A list of all your medical conditions, a list of your Emergency Contacts that will be displayed on the Home Page should you ever need to call them immediately in case of emergencies and a section where you can note if you are an official Organ Donor participant or not.

Additional Features

·          Notifications – Internal alerts and external notifications from the Pharmacy regarding progress of their re-order request are now stored internally so that they are never missed.

·         Contacting the Pharmacy, Surgery or Emergency Contacts – From within the Home Page, the user is able to call his Pharmacy , his Doctor or his emergency contacts stored within the My Health Space page.

·         Security – The PillManager app is secured by a user-set PIN, which is created upon initial setup and is required every time the app is accessed.

·         Customisable Alerts – Alerts are delivered to the user visually in the form of notifications and the audible alerts can be modified according to the user’s preference. Also, unlike other apps, users are not confined to a certain schedule. While the schedule is based upon morning, midday, evening and bedtime, the actual time values are customisable to the minute depending on the user’s own requirements.