Introducing PillManager

PillManager is a new application that offers users the combined functionality of tracking and alerting users about their medication, while also offering the world’s first integrated medication reordering system, using the built in camera on their device or by pulling records from the user’s own medication history – all from within the app itself.

The app has been designed and built with ease of use in mind. Users need only enter their medication details once and the app will retain the data while automatically creating a dosage schedule based on preset parameters. Do you get up at 7am? No problem, simply change the app settings for Reminder Time Values to begin at 7.15am, and then at four hour intervals. PillManager takes care of the rest and will remind you every time a dose is due.

Of course, there is more to true medication management than simply reminding the user when their pills are due. No medication lasts forever, so it is important to stay on top of what is left when. PillManager takes this one step further. Not only can the user input their current stocks, but the app will alert them when they are running out. They can then reorder the same medication again by either importing the information from their own data, or by taking a picture of the medication or repeat prescription. Whichever method is considered suitable, the information can be sent to the user’s doctor or pharmacist from directly within the app via a customisable email facility.

The dosage history is saved within the app for easy future reference. The user can refer to this at any time to ensure that they did not miss a dose and can also share the information with others, again directly from within the app by email.

Naturally, medical records of any type are sensitive and private. PillManager is underpinned by an overall security level, requiring a PIN code at all times to access or modify any information in the app. This must be created upon the first use of the app and serves to keep the user’s data safe, adding an extra layer of protection on top of the built in security functions of the device.

PillManager is available now from the App Store.

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