A Look at the Key Features of PillManager

PillManager is a new, one of a kind app that builds on the functionality of medicine management with an innovative prescription reordering system.

The key features of the app can be found on the Features page, but this article will look at the most interesting app features in more detail.

My Meds, Reminders and History

The My Meds section of the app allows the user to track their own medication schedule by adding specific medicines to their record and then inputting specific dosage data, such as frequencies and number of doses. The innovative system allows the app user to choose their own timescales for reminders – attributing different times of day for the first, second, third and final dose of the day where required. The app then provides audio and visual reminders, depending on the user’s personal settings. The user simply accesses the app itself and checks a box to indicate that they have successfully taken their medication, at which point a record is added to allow the user to check in the future whether they have taken a certain pill at a specific time.

Medicine Re-Ordering

Users of the app are quickly and easily put in direct contact with their local supplying pharmacy. With just an email address, the user can quickly and easily reorder their prescription based on pre-populated data from within the app itself. By simply selecting the medication required and appending a quantity, the user can send their request either to their pharmacist or doctor from directly within the app itself. This means no paper and no filing – the request is delivered electronically and incorporates the user’s details and a time stamp should the request need to be referred back to at a later date. The doctor and pharmacist can then email or telephone the user using the supplied details in case of any queries or issues.

PillManager is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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