Best Pill Remainder App

Now a days in busy schedules we all tend to forget taking medicines on time. That’s where Pill Remainder Apps are useful for taking medicines on time.

Pill manager App

acts not only as

medication remainder

but they also help in ordering medicines with your nearest pharmacy though their App.

Pill Manager App is the best complete medication management on your mobile phone, web & your pc.
Pill Manager App is available on both Android & IOS. Download the App though Play Store or App Store.

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PillManager named as one of top 4 Apps by US Chamber of Commerce

Working closely with the School of Pharmacy at the De Montfort University in Leicester, the PillManager App was used in a special Breast Cancer Research Project. This month, October, is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to recognize the contribution made to the Breast Cancer Research project, the US Chamber of Commerce has nominated PillManager App as one of the top 4 Apps in the health care field to manage all your medication reminder, critical care information and prescription needs. You can read more about PillManager and this recognition here:

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In Case of Emergency

The new Health Space section of the free Pillmanager app is a life saver…..a comment from a user:-

“I think that this screen actually saved my life last week… When I collapsed, I could not speak, I could hardly move, I certainly couldn’t explain in detail what my medical conditions or meds were, but when I collapsed and the passing nurses came to my aid, I showed them this and they in turn showed it to the paramedics – it literally was a life saver… Seriously… No joke… I cannot impress on people how important this little option could be…”  Sean Nigel Porter, Thrapston, Northamptonshire

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Customer Feedback on the PIllManager App

Recently the support team helped Donna McCabe from Northern Ireland with some questions that she had while trying to use the PillManager App on her iPhone device. Below , in her own words, is what she wrote to the support team at PillManager:

“I would like to thank everyone involved with PillManager for this fantastic app. I have Degenerative Disc Disease, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Lymphatic Venous Disease. I take 21 tablets a day, 6 of them are Morphine because of these and the consent pain I’m in, most days I can’t think straight and used to forget if I took my tablets. Since I started using PillManager I no longer have to worry about taking my tablets or when I’m due my next prescription because all the information and reminders are in the app. I showed PillManager to a doctor who works in a casualty department and he thinks it is great to have your medication details and your G.P’s contact information at the touch of a button. I would recommend PillManager to anyone on medication.

Donna Mc Cabe

Co. Down

 Northern Ireland”


Thank You  Donna from all of us at PillManager and we would all like to wish you a speedy recovery.

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World’s first Pill Manager App set to save NHS save hundreds of thousands of pounds

A pioneering medicine management system in the form of a free download mobile application, believed to be the first of its kind in the world, has been officially launched.

The new Pill Manager application, or app, will allow the patient to re-order their medication anytime and from anywhere, online. In addition, the user-friendly app will allow the patient to track their own medication schedules and also interact directly with their pharmacist or GP. The innovative app is the brainchild of leading community pharmacist and entrepreneur Pankaj Sodha, of Birmingham.

Mr Sodha said: “Opening up a two-way communication between a patient and pharmacist inspired us to develop Patient Manager for use on the desktop computer in a busy dispensary.

“This non-intrusive application resides on the desktop, without interfering with any of the PMR systems and takes the need out of the pharmacist to constantly check their mailbox for prescription requests. This is an exciting creation which we hope will revolutionise medication management through the integration of essential benefits for both consumers and medical professionals.”

In the UK alone, wasted medications cost the industry £300 million per year. Pill Manager aims to help reduce this financial inefficiency through its reminder functionality and the automatic transmission of a letter of consent alongside every re-order.

Other features of the exclusive free Pill Manager app include:  Allows patient to manually add their own medication within the app, including name, number of doses, reminder times, frequency and the number of days to take the medication; Allows patient to view consumption history – what medication they have taken and when it was ordered; Allows patient to record their blood pressure. Readings can then be stored and emailed to the pharmacist, GP or any other person, anywhere;  Allows patient  to order repeat prescriptions directly from GP surgery;  Allows patient to easily report any side effects; The Pill Manager app is available from today (February 25) from the iTunes Store and Google Play. To find out more about the Pill Manager app go to

Mr Sodha owns and runs two pharmacies in the Northfield and Nechells areas of Birmingham. He opened his first pharmacy in 1984. He graduated from Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh and spent eight years working for Boots, the pharmacy, before setting up his own. He came to England in 1973 from his native Kenya.

There are over 12,000 community pharmacies across the UK. The majority of adults use pharmacies with 84% of adults visiting a pharmacy at least once a year and 78% visiting a pharmacy for health related reasons at least once a year.  Frequent users of pharmacies include females, those aged over 35 and those with a long term health condition or disability (LTC). Those working full time visit pharmacies less frequently than other groups.  The number of prescription items dispensed by community pharmacies in England in 2011-12 was 885 million. This was an increase of 34.3 million (4.0 per cent) from 2010-11 when the figure for community pharmacies was 850.7 million. There were 566.3 million prescription items dispensed by community pharmacies in 2002-03

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PillManager now available on your PC too!

PillManager, the most innovative medicine management system is now available on your PC as well.

You can even place a reorder request directly from your PC to your Pharmacy or Surgery from your desktop computer.

Check out the PC version at now.

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A Look at the Key Features of PillManager

PillManager is a new, one of a kind app that builds on the functionality of medicine management with an innovative prescription reordering system.

The key features of the app can be found on the Features page, but this article will look at the most interesting app features in more detail.

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Introducing PillManager

PillManager is a new application that offers users the combined functionality of tracking and alerting users about their medication, while also offering the world’s first integrated medication reordering system, using the built in camera on their device or by pulling records from the user’s own medication history – all from within the app itself.

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